Love history, freedom of speech and hard, verifiable fact? All three are now under sustained, deliberate attack. The attack scored a major victory with my “cancellation“ last summer. David Starkey Talks… is the beginnings of my fight back.

But it’s more than personal. History, properly taught, is the basis of our civilisation. I’ve tried to teach it with books, television documentaries and historical exhibitions.

But the best way to communicate big ideas is by lectures. Once these were reserved for my students. Now with David Starkey Talks… they can be for everybody. Please donate and help me spread the word.

And the proof, as always, is with facts. We’ve begun well. On October 29, 2021 we launched the channel with six videos. Within 12 hours we had over 8,000 subscribers, 6,000 video likes and 1,000 comments.